“Wicked” the Musical

Yesterday I saw Wicked with my Mum and cousin Chloe. I’ve been dying to see it as my Mum has talked so much about it (its her all time favourite musical) so she gave me tickets for my birthday. I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few musicals already and this was certainly one of the best. The costumes, the lighting and props were amazing and the singing was unbelievable. I already knew the song “Defying Gravity” from watching Glee but the live stage version was so much better. The actress who played Elphaba, Jemma Rix, has the most amazing voice and the actress who played Glinda, Lucy Durack, was very funny. Something that made the experience extra special was our seats – they were right up the front in the centre. We had a wonderful time at the Regent Theatre and really enjoyed the show. However I wasn’t impressed with the price of the Pringles. The small tube thingys which cost about $1.50 in the supermarket cost $7.50 each! What a rip off. Lucky the show was worth it. Love Millie x

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Birthday Gift Haul – What to Buy a 10 Year Old Girl

All my friend’s Mums apparently had a hard time working out what to buy me for my birthday. But I don’t think its really hard at all as I am happy with most things. In the end I got some amazing and generous presents which I really loved. This might sound really weird but my favourite gift was a onesie from Pavement. I have worn it to death already as I really love pyjamas. In fact, I received quite a few gifts from Pavement and really think that you cant go wrong with any present from there (https://www.pavementbrands.com). They have lots of fabulous clothes and accessories aimed at kids my age and older. Their perfume smells so divine and their handbags are just so cute. I also received a groovy sequined jacket from Target and some legging (but they are in the wash already). I think buying clothes as gifts for 10 year old girls is a good idea so long as you know the birthday girls style and tastes. I also received a Cluedo game which I have played with heaps, a great book on weird and wonderful facts (I love books like this), some great stuff from Typo (I would happily have anything from Typo as you really cant go wrong – http://shop.cottonon.com/typoshop) and lots of other little knick knacks. Oh, and some craft things like making lip gloss and that sort of thing but I have already played with those so I didn’t take a photo of them. So you see, its really not that difficult to buy a 10 year old girl a present. We love clothes, accessories, books, games and stationery. So next time your Mum has to buy a birthday gift for one of your friends, please tell her not to stress! Love from Very Spoiled and Lucky Millie x



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My Spa Party

As I mentioned the other day, Mum threw me a Spa Party for my 10th birthday. My Mum tends to go a little overboard but she used to event plan in a past life and just cant stop herself! Once the guests arrived we all put on white robes and large pink head bands which she bought from Ebay. Our first job was to make a chocolate face mask. Mum had also bought little pink bowl, measuring spoon and brush sets (also from ebay)  and laminated the recipe cards. After mixing up the ingredients, we put the mask on our partners face with the brush. We then went and laid down on the floor while my cousin put cucumber slices on our eyes. It was disgusting but fun! After washing it off, we made an “apple pie” tasting body or foot scrub. We then all went and sat with out feet in bowls of warm water (with rose petals and bath salts) while my cousin and her friend scrubbed our feet with the foot scrub. When our feet were clean we played “spin the bottle” with nail polish bottles. My Mum made the game boards and they were really good. We put pink toe dividers between our toes and then  had to paint a toe with the color you landed on even if it was an ugly color. Once our feet were all painted we walked around in these ridiculous flip flops. Finally, we were split into groups  and went and sat down at either the “manicure station”, “makeup station” or “hair station” for a proper pampering by my cousin and her friends. It was all so much fun. If you are not sure what to do for your 10th birthday, maybe consider a spa party. You dont have to do it all yourself as there are people you can hire to do it all for you.  Millie x

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Yummy Chocolate Face Mask!

It was my 10th birthday party yesterday. Mum threw me an amazing spa party (thanks Mum!). One of the fun things my friends and I did was make a chocolate face mask and brush it on each others faces. It was so eew but we laughed heaps. If you ever want to try this with your friends (or even by yourself), here’s the recipe. Simply mix up the ingredients below, brush on your face, sit and relax while it dries. BTW it tastes pretty yummy but don’t eat too  much of there will be nothing left to put on your face! Have fun. Millie xo


1 tbl cocoa

1 tbl cream

1 tsp cottage cheese

1 tbl honey

2 tsp oatmeal powder

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Princess Camera App


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I have just started following another 10 year old blogger. Her blog is called the thelifeofaflurozebra.wordpress.com and she has some really interesting things to say (so go check her out!). In one of her blogs she used an apple app called Princess Camera. Its a photo editing and decorating app with lots of girly stickers and frames. I am just loving it! It costs $3.79 which I thought was a bit pricey but I think will be worth it in the end. Its really quite fun! You can add blush to your cheeks, flowers to your hair, bubbles, sparkles and lots of  special effects. What do you think of my photo? Have fun, Millie xo

the shrine of remembrance

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It was ANZAC Day last week so Mum took me and my cousin Chloe to the Shrine of Remembrance for the first time (although not on ANZAC Day as there are too many people). The shrine is made for remembering the Australian soldiers who died in all the wars. It made Mum a little bit sad but I thought it was peaceful and beautiful. Chloe and I put some poppies at the remembrance trees. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lovely time walking around. If you live in Melbourne and have never been there, its worth taking a visit. You can then walk across the road to the Botanical Gardens which are beautiful. Millie x


School Holiday Fun – Review of Sunshine Roller Skate Centre

Its school holidays here at he moment so I have decided to do a review of some fun things you could do! My first review is of the Sunshine Roller Skate Centre. For $15, you can hire roller blades, roller skates or inline skates and skate around the ring for as long as you like. There is music constantly playing, bright flashing lights and every hour they play games. There is also a learners rink if you are new to skating and want to practice a little first. If you are hungry there’s a cafeteria (I love their fries!) and lots of tables for Mum or dad to sit at. I have actually been to a few birthdays parties here also which are really fun. I have been skating 5 times and you get really good at it very quickly. My friends and I skated for 3 and half hours this time as it was so much fun. Mum thinks its really good holiday value! For more info please go to http://www.rollerskating.com.au. Have fun! Millie x


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